Green Juice Blender Style + Simple Beginnings


Juicers. They're a bit messy, they are sometimes expensive, they take extra work to clean. Yes, there are ones that definitely are quicker, inexpensive, and efficient, but personally, I needed something faster if I was going to keep up with a juicing habit. I think we all can get into the mindset of having to have "the best" of everything. The best organic food, the best high-end juicer we can afford, the best recipe to follow until we actually start implementing a health habit. 

I've learned over time to slowly let go of the idea of perfection and simply

   ~    b e g i n      b e g i n     b e g i n     b e g i n     b e g i n      b e g i n  ~

in fact my motto for 2019 was just do it. Just start, don't wait, just start that art project you've been wanting to do, start the habit of hitting up the gym, of eating healthier, of juicing more regularly, of taking more time to just sit and listen to some music for ten minutes + chill after work. It makes a difference to just decide to start a small habit and go for it.

How many things do we wait for perfect timing / this or that before we begin? I am inviting you to sit and ponder with me + think of some things you may want to implement for the second half of 2019. So many people check in at the New Year, but perhaps we want to be checking in with ourselves, our goals, our quests in life perhaps monthly. Vision boarding is an awesome way to do that (haven't done it myself but heard it's fun), or simply sketch out goals in a notebook. 

Making goals can be fun, but only if we allow ourselves to *actually* start them without the need for perfection beforehand. 

With that being said, forget the juicer, the perfect everything before you make this juice, simply use what you have, substitute if need be, and enjoy it thoroughly knowing that your live juice is fueling your awesome body to fulfill your life goals and utmost desires. 

Cheers to health ~ 


Green blender juice recipe

~ one small head of celery 

~ one pear 

~ one lemon (rind removed) 

~ a thumb of ginger, no need to remove the skin, just wash thoroughly

~ a palmful of cilantro (stems included!)

blend it all up. take your nut mylk bag over a big bowl and fill the bag with the contents of the blender. squeeeeeeeeze all that fab juice and revel at how easy that was!

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