Higher Power Raw Foods

Sprouted Mixed Nuts - No Seeds

This products is only available in a 16oz. bag. Other sizes available upon request, Contact us.


  • Organic Sprouted Walnuts
  • Organic Sprouted Almonds
  • Organic Sprouted Pecans
  • Organic Sprouted Filberts
  • Sprouting (germinating) is a process of soaking, and then dehydrating. This process liberates enzymes that normally remain dormant in a raw nut, and are otherwise destroyed in a roasted nut. Enzymes aid digestion and nutritional assimilation. The sprouting process gives the nuts a crunchy texture (similar to a roasted nut), and improves the flavor (compared to a raw nut), while offering all the benefits of being raw.

    "Eating Raw" is a great way to maintain weight and blood sugar levels. It also helps to reduce allergies, as eating cooked and processed food encourages a weakened immune system.

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