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Raw Sprouted Pumpkin Seeds

Organic Sprouted Pumpkin Seeds

These Pumpkin Seeds have been "sprouted". This means they have been soaked for about 8 hours in purified water, and then dried at low temps. The soaking process has the effect of liberating the life force (valuable enzymes), which help us digest our food and assimilate the nutrients more effectively. They have a crunchy texture and robust flavor, similar to a roasted seed, with all the benefits of being raw.

The bonus is that these seeds are naked! We don't add anything to them! (No salt added, no preservatives added.) They can be used in your own recipes, mixed into yogurt, or eaten by the handful. They're especially good when sprinkled on green salads or fruit salads. There's nothing added to alter the flavor. They're just perfect.
These pumpkin seeds are grown in China. 

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