Frequently Asked Questions

Why sprouted nuts + seeds? 

Great question! What makes the difference between sprouted and un-sprouted nuts and seeds? The process of sprouting a food (and making it "live" again) is through soaking the nuts + seeds in purified water which allows them to then expand in size, as well as releasing the Phytic acid that is inherent in nuts and seeds. You might notice that our nuts and seeds are crunchier, and digest easier, things we all want! When the nuts + seeds are sprouted, they are what we call more bioavailable, which is a fancy word meaning that our bodies can use it as fuel much easier than an un-sprouted food. 

What is a raw food?

A food staying raw means that it has not been heated past 118 degrees. Our nuts + seeds are soaked, sprouted, and dehydrated below 118 degrees to ensure that the enzymes present is retained. 

What can you make with the nuts + seeds? 

The possibilities are endless! Our nuts can be made into a non-dairy milk by blending and straining them, which becomes a creamy drink perfect for smoothies or a non-dairy coffee creamer. You can make your own DIY trail mix (or check out some combos we personally craft) with almonds, sunflower seeds, raisins, and coconut chips. You can food process any of the nuts + seeds with some sticky dates to make energy balls, or a crust for a pie (think dates, macadamia nuts, pinch of salt, and vanilla powder for a perfect base for a mango pie!), you can even make your own almond butter with our sprouted live nuts! 

Having issues logging in?

The new E-Commerce that we are using has began its own new database of customers. Our existing customer account database is used only to reference any past orders. Solution: "Continue as a Guest" and place your order. After your order is complete, you will be asked if you would like to set a password. If you save a password, you will be able to return the next time and Login with your new account. It will save your Billing and Shipping Address, but never your sensitive payment information. Please note, unless you set a password after your order, you will need to checkout as a Guest the next time you decide to place an order. If you would like to request a password be set for you, if you forgot to save a password, email us and we can set that up.

Are your ingredients organic?

Yes! Our goal is to use as many organic ingredients as possible to further reduce the risk of contaminated food products with pesticides. In the rare off-chance that we are unable to source an organic ingredient, we will either resort to conventional or not sell the specific product with said ingredient.