Higher Power Raw Foods

Sprouted Almonds

 Organic Sprouted Almonds (may contain pieces and occasional shell fragments)

**Lightly Steam Pastuerized**
We will never purchase gas-pastuerized products. The QUICK Steam Spray of 20 seconds does not affect the life force of the Almond. In-home tests have shown that these almonds actually-sprout-a-tail. (They are still LIVE!) We feel confident that these Almonds pass the test of even the most finicky raw-foodists! :-)

These almonds are soaked (sprouted - or germinated), and then they are gently dried at very low temperatures.

They can be used in your own recipes, just as you would use any other nut. They are especially good for breakfast when minced and sprinkled over fresh, diced fruit. They can be eaten by the handfuls, packed in your lunch; used for cooking and baking. They can be taken on day-hikes and bike rides. They contain no salt, no sugar, and no preservatives.

Our almonds are grown in California.

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