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Sprouted Macadamias

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Organic Sprouted Macadamia Nuts (may contain Halves and pieces)

These macadamia nuts have been soaked overnight in purified water, then gently dried for 4 days. This process preserves the temperature sensitive enzymes that are normally destroyed in a roasted nut. The soaking process liberates enzymes that would remain dormant in a raw nut, and it neutralizes enzyme inhibitors such as phytic acid, which block the absorption of nutrients in your body.

These mac nuts have a nice, dry, crunchy texture that is less oily than a roasted. Grind them to make your own mac butter to then top your toast with, make a raw crust and top with fresh fruit, or simply eat them alone for a crunchy, high protein vegan snack.

We recommend refrigeration for longer shelf life.

Our Mac nuts are grown in Hawaii.

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